EM Program December 2015

Dear Drachenfelsians, today I can inform you about the program for the month of December.
All events are usually starting at 8:30pm CET (UTC+1), meeting point is the Counselor’s Guild Hall in Britain, Trammel. Any difference from that will be noted. Gates will allways be provided from WBB, New Haven and Luna. Note: This month, no Royal Audience will be held because of holiday time.

  • Tuesday, December 1st – Main (RP) event: Holiday Festival
    at Vesper Bank, Trammel

    Meet with your fellow Sosarians and celebrate the coming holidays!
  • Thursday, December 10th – Mini Event: HoF Event – Secret Santa Seminar
    courtyard at Castle Blackthorn, Trammel

    This is a HoF (RP) Event. Got too much gifts left from last year? Bring your old ones you don’t need and give them away!
  • Sunday, December 20th – Main Event: The Missing Messenger
    A messenger of the Crown has gone missing. He should have brought back messages (and probably gifts) from some cities. You are needed to help out Kalya Sesha to find him soon!

If you have pictures from former/older events, and you think they fit into the gallery, please mail them to me. Thanks!

EM Lyraa