Drachenfels House Decoration Contest 2016

Dear Drachenfelsians, as mentioned yesterday evening, here are the rules for the Drachenfels House Decoration Contest 2016. Please note that rules are subject to changes, so visit often to read about possible updates.

(Last Update of the rules: 01/11/2016)

  1. The house must be located on the Drachenfels shard.
  2. Any design is welcome, there are no limitations – we love your creativity!
    We will accept classic and customized houses, but no houses with additional (goza) floors. We will judge your design as a whole, i.e. house building and interior design will count.
  3. One entry per person is allowed, max.
    If we find multiple designs of you, you are excluded from the contest.
  4. You must send screenshots of your design to lyraa@uoem.net.
    Include facet and location, ideally with coordinates in X/Y format (use Sextant or UO Cartographer).
    Your house must be public to be visited by the judging team also,
    if this is not possible, please refer to this in your email.
  5. You need to submit your design not later than February 29th, 11:59pm CET (UTC+1).
  6. The design will be judged by members of the EM team.
    It will take one week to find the three winners.
    After that, the winners will be announced and rewarded (at an EM event, most probably on March, 6th).
  7. All entries will be posted in a public visible posting on the EM website/Facebook website.
    If you do not like this, please refer to this in your email.

Have fun building and good luck!

EM Lyraa

(The winners were announced on March 13th and you can view all the participants and designs here)

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