Player Towns: Recognition and Banners

An important letter from our Lady Queen Dawn arrived this morning:

“Dear Citizens,

it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that the crown will accept with immediate effect the recognition of towns and their banners. The name „town“ is used in my announcement here, but it is also representative for communities, auctions houses, player taverns and similar smaller establishments.

To ensure to have a smooth recognition of your town please obey the rules below:

  1. Size (number of houses), facet and coordinates:
    1-4 Settlement
    5-10 Village/Hamlet
    11-20 Town
    21-30 City
    31+ Kingdom/Empire/City-State
    Town recognitions are available for all facets.
  2. Allegiance:
    Tell us where your loyalty lies: with the crown, against the crown or neutral. Your decision may have an influence on future events in the area of your town
  3. Ambassadors:
    Persons who represents your town. Ideally this should be two, or even three individuals who can be contacted if necessary (see also 7, “Communication”)
  4. Events:
    A town must offer regular/periodic and public events. This could be hunts, game events, meetings, tavern nights, auctions, tournaments or similar
  5. Community:
    Show us which houses are connected together. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same town name on the house sign, a special colour or decoration
  6. History:
    Your town should provide some history.
    Interested visitors should always be able to
    inform themselves about your establishment
  7. Communication:
    Your town should provide communication. Visitors should always be able to contact you or your establishment (barkeeper, message boards, mailboxes, books; but also through websites/forums)
  8. Banners:
    Your town has to submit a banner. It should be max. 6×6 tiles big and should not block house placement around it.
    Please submit the following facts:

    1. suggested coordinates for the banner
    2. the model numbers and name for the items used in your banner:
    3. use only Inside UO for this. Choose category “Artwork”, then use the tab “Static Tiles”. You can also use single frames from the category “Animations”. There is an example of the town of Gyldenfeld, how to split up your submission into the necessary details
    4. a picture (format: JPG, PNG or GIF) of your banner

Note: The crown will have the final say if a banner is accepted or not. Banner inputs which were not accepted can be re-worked


prt-bannerexp1_alellisande.jpg prt-bannerexp2_paxoku.jpg prt-bannerexp3_gyldenfeld.jpg prt-bannerexp4_nidaros.jpg

The submission of your town and banner have to be complete,  otherwise the recognition would not be possible. The list (1-8) must be answered completely.

In the name of the crone and of whole Sosaria I will invite the  interested towns and their ambassadors to have a discussion in the very near future.

Please submit the form here directly to our scribes or mail it directly to us.

May the virtues be with you,
Queen Dawn”