Winners of the House Decoration Contest 2016

Yesterday night, the three winners of the House Decoration Contest 2016 on Drachenfels were crowned, they were:

  1. Kimba, Burg Lindost (24 pt)
  2. Finley, Roof Lighthouse (22 pt)
  3. Mene’Tekel, Yew Coffinmakery (21 pt)
  4. Tormod, Bloodlust Stronghold
  5. Pedro, Yew
  6. Piotr, Sacrifice Lighthouse
  7. Dr. Alzheimer, Parrot Bay
  8. Nirot, Clown Inn
  9. Eysha, Moonglow Lighthouse

There were nine contestants who were judged by three jurors – three EM’s from other shards, and I didn’t vote at all – which rated them and gave out points. The “best design” got each 9 points, the “not best design” got each 1 point. The house with the most points won (1st), followups were 2nd and 3rd ranks. The three winners receive a banner on the city walls in Luna in the colours of gold, silver and bronze, which is built by Mesanna herself.

House Deco Contest 2016

Congratulations and thanks everybody for participating!

EM Lyraa