EM Program June 2016

Dear Drachenfelsians, today I can inform you about the program for the month of June.
Like always, all events are starting at 8:30pm CEST (UTC+2), meeting point is the Counselor’s Guild Hall in Britain, Trammel. Any difference from that will be noted. Gates will always be provided from WBB, New Haven and Luna.
Please be aware of this months UEFA Euro Championship (June 10 – July 10), so I decided to schedule those events a bit different that usual. Next month we will be back to our regular schedule – thanks for your understanding.

  • Sunday 5th – Main RP Event (HoF): Planting plants (World Environment Day), Castle Blackthorn
  • Tuesday 7th – Mini RP Event (HoF): Soccer Evening, Castle Blackthorn
  • Monday, 13th – Important Event:
    Developer Meet & Greet on Drachenfels at 8:00pm CEST (UTC+2), Castle Blackthorn, throne room
  • Sunday 26th Monday 27th – Royal Audience & (HoF) Mission, Castle Blackthorn
  • Tuesday 28th – Main Event: Midsummer Madness or – Fire!

If you have pictures from former/older events, and you think they fit into the gallery, please mail them to me. Thanks!

EM Lyraa

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