EM Program November 2016

Dear Drachenfelsians, today I can inform you about the program for the month of November.

Like always, all events are starting at 8:30pm CET (UTC+1), meeting point is the Counselor’s Guild Hall in Britain, Trammel. Any difference from that will be noted. Gates will always be provided from WBB, New Haven and Luna.

  • Sunday 6th – Mini HoF (RP) Event: Game Night, Luna Fairegrounds
  • Sunday 13th – Main HoF (RP) Event: Falling Stars V, Castle Blackthorn
  • Sunday 20th – Main Event: For Eternity
  • Sunday 27th – Royal Audience HoF (RP) Mission, Castle Blackthorn

If you have pictures from former/older events, and you think they fit into the gallery, please mail them to me. Thanks!

EM Lyraa