EM Program December 2016

Update! (12/18/16) Dear Drachenfelsians, today I can inform you about the (short) program for the month of Dezember.

At the moment I’m still planning if there will be other events, since this month is the one for recovery and regeneration (also EM’s may take a break once in a while :-)). Please check back every few days for news.

Like always, all events are starting at 8:30pm CET (UTC+1), meeting point is the Counselor’s Guild Hall in Britain, Trammel. Any difference from that will be noted. Gates will always be provided from WBB, New Haven and Luna.

Sunday 4th – Mini HoF (RP) Event: Game Night, Luna Fairegrounds
Sunday 11th – Royal Audience & HoF (RP) Mission, Castle Blackthorn
New! Wednesday 14th – Main HoF (RP) Event: Falling Stars VI, Castle Blackthorn
New! Sunday 18th – Main Event: The Time for Humility NEWS! Cancelled on short term (12/18) because of technical problems! 🙁

I wish you already beautiful and peaceful holidays with your beloved ones!

EM Lyraa

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