Winner House Deco Contest 2017

Nearly one week ago the winners of this years House Deco Contest were crowned, now the final banners have been put up near WBB (Trammel) – take a seat, look at the list of participants and winners, and visit them by using the runebook we provided.

House Deco Contest 2017 - Banners at WBB

  1. Pcuvush, Orc Valley Inn, near Yew (23 points)
  2. Tormod, Bloodlust Castle, near Trinsic (16)
  3. Julia, Winchester, Vesper (15)
  4. Kimba, Beergarden, New Magincia
  5. Ingroll, Raven’s Peak, Builders Hall, Malas
  6. Piotr, Lakeview, near Despise
  7. Gilmour, Knuckleville, New Magincia
  8. Spirit, Marble Island, Felucca

There were eight contestants who were judged by three jurors – three EM’s from other shards, and I didn’t vote at – which rated them and gave out points. The “best design” got each 8 points, the “not best design” got each 1 point. The house with the most points won (1st), followups were 2nd and 3rd ranks. The three winners received a banner near the WBB in the colours of gold, silver and bronze, which was built by Mesanna herself.

Congratulations and thanks everybody for participating!

EM Lyraa