EM Program August 2017

(Update! 08/09) Dear Drachenfelsians, today I can inform you about the program for the month of August.

Like always, all events are starting at 8:30pm CEST (UTC+2), meeting point as mentioned in the following list. Gates will be provided from WBB, New Haven and Luna.

  • Monday, 7th – Mini HoF RP Event: Zibalba’s Auction* & EM Lyraa’s Meet & Greet, EM Reward Hall, Malas
    Note*: The short auction will contain the loot from the last T-Hunt. There will be three lots (Startbid: 10k Gold) which are displayed at the EM Reward Museum (1), the total revenue will go to the Governor cities with a small city treasury.
  • Monday, 14th – Important Event:
    Developer Meet & Greet on Drachenfels at 8:00pm CEST (UTC+2), Castle Blackthorn, throne room
  • Tuesday, 15th – Main HoF Event: Healing Hands (Scavenger Hunt), Castle Blackthorn, Trammel (date stays!)
  • Sunday, 20th – Main Event: The Ritual (The Dark Monks), Counselor’s Hall, Trammel
  • Sunday, 27th – Royal Audience & Mini HoF Event (The Wisp), Castle Blackthorn, Trammel

See you all soon,

EM Lyraa