Some important information’s for you!

Dear Drachenfelser,
here some important information’s for you:

Fishing Event:

As we had some technical problems during our fishing event (22.05), I’ve decided to run the event
the whole week (29.05 – 05.06).
That means you can get your fishing pool calmly ready, and go fishing.
Please drop the rare fishes in one of the mailboxes at the counselor’s hall or at the reward museum.

All (and I mean all) fishes (no trophies) caught before or at the date of 05.06.2011 (not later) will be accepted!Please submit just one fish per species!


Yes, you will have it back!
I will try to rebuild it during the next month, please don´t nail me down on a fix date!

WBB Bank:

Yes the bank will be finished!
I am after it, but I can´t tell you exactly when this will happen.

Counselor’s Hall:

I want to refurnish the hall, and give her a new look.
For suggestions and wishes I am grateful, but I reserve the right to realize my own ideas. *grins*
I also want to give the Counselor’s Hall a new name.
So better come up with something, otherwise I will just rename it to:
Consume, Supermarket or Chinky!

That’s it for now.
I hope you enjoyed the last event.

Kind Regards
EM Borbarad