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I am EM Lyraa und here for you! I can answer your questions (hopefully) or help you with other things around Sosaria. You can reach me through E-Mail directly (see below) oder use the Feedback form.


EM Lyraa –
General address –


If there is an event, I will inform the Town Criers (NPCs) in advance, and for any event you will find a written note here on the official Ultima Online EM Website or the official calendar.

Get to know me

If you would like to meet me personally visit me when I announce a “Meet & Greet” at the “Counselor’s Guildhall” in Britain, Trammel, on the left side of the entrance to Lord Blackthorn’s Castle. This is a regular event for you, the players. You can ask questions, chill and relax with other fellow players and your local EM.

Counselor’s Guildhall

Location of the “Counselor’s Guildhall” in Britain, Trammel.
Coordinates are: 9° 3′ North, 12° 47′ East or X 1504, Y1520.
Counselors Hall 2015

EM Reward Museum

The EM Reward Museum was built for a special reason, actually two houses by now, and accommodates enough space for a multitude of souvenirs and rewards of long gone events and times. Also, you will find the collection of the rarest and heaviest fishes of Drachenfels! I collect also stories/books, written by players. If you have something valuable and you would like to see it published in the EM Museum, please let me know.

There is also a big teleporter, located at the Counselor’s Hall in Britain, which you can use to reach the Museum. The EM Reward Museum is located in Malas, far away from Luna in the south and west of the “Crumbling Mountains”.

Coordinates of the Museum are: 31° 43′ North, 47°15′ West or X 651, Y 1263.

EM RewardHall 2015

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