PEC Wraith The PEC (Player Event Coordinator) is a pretty new job which was specifially invented to assist players with their events. Therefore the PEC is no Advisor or EM, or even a GM. He/she assists players and make it possible that players also can have decorations or even monster spawn to enhance their events.

PEC Wraith Meet & Greet Details were written by Mesanna between February/March 2015 and are quoted here.

  Actual PEC E-Mail adress: PEC Raine, (January 2017) 

March 13th, 2015
Mesanna wrote more details on the PEC on the official site:

Happy Friday Everyone,

We have had several of our players use the PEC already and they seem to be enjoying enhancing their events with her help.  For those that do not know how to contact the PEC, you can email her at or yo ucan leave a message at the small house by the Event Moderator hall near Blackthorn’s Bridge in Britian.  You are also welcome to leave a message for her on the bulletin board if you like.

All player events that she assists with will be advertised on Facebook and pictures of the event taken and posted by Wraith.  If you do not wish for her to do this please make sure you tell her in advance.

Have a great weekend,

February 10th, 2015
Mesanna published first Instructions on Facebook:

Information for getting assistance with the new Player Event Coordinator (PEC)

These are the guidelines players need to follow to get assistance:
1. Send event write up to and, we will need a detailed description of what you need us to do to assist with your event. We can assist with locking down decorative items and providing light monster spawn.
2. Send the document 7 days in advance.
3. The Player Event Coordinator (PEC) will lock down items for approx. 1 week, after which they will decay. Please do not give them items that you want to keep.
4. The Player Event Coordinator will work with players and governors to help set up events.
5. All Player events submitted with automatically be posted on Facebook
6. EM’s will continue to do Player Memorials and Weddings.

As for the Governors, we are still trying to put together libraries of areas to build for the Governors to have to choose from. If the Governor would like to have a building or area built that will be used please express your desire to the EM and they will inform us. Please know that any structure built will then be added to the library and available for any of the governors to use on any shard.

This decision in no way is to stop the EM’s from interacting or communicating with their player base. They will continue with the relationship they have with the shard players.