Kalya Sesha

Kalya Sesha She sat at a table in the cozy Salty Dog in Britain. Kalya was tired and exhausted because of the long journey, but now she finally had a chance to recover. During the last years, the dark-haired woman had traveled all over Sosaria and had seen a lot of places. As she thought back she was glad she had kept a record of all the places she had visited. She had seen wars, revolutions, invasions, but also experienced victories, noble festivities and beautiful celebrations. The past weeks and months had been very demanding and had drawn a lot strength from her as a historian and scribe, so many stories and experiences had to be written down. However, as a younger one – slightly less than thirty years old – in her profession she was summoned to the royal court and to the team of advisers. The instructions were clear: Travel to the capital city and stay there as long as it is necessary. She did not have to worry about board and lodging, her task was to watch out for strange phenomena and events. She sighed quietly, closed the little brown and slightly torn notebook and took the last sip of cider. It was time to freshen up in the Wayfarer’s Inn and to go to the meeting at the castle afterwards.

The time had come – the time, to once again look at the most important books of history.

(written near Britain, somewhere back in 2010)