Gelbendil Why? Why did he let Tuerius go back then? The somewhat elderly warrior sighed loudly. He was sitting in the glow of the setting sun outside in front of his simple little wooden house, and was playing around in his hands with the scratched, empty wine glass, back and forth, wondering how he should best proceed now. Gelbendil was not the one who immediately abandoned a project as soon as there were problems. The time earlier in the Guard had brought him alot of experience. But the last few years as a homeless warrior had not been that easy either. Nevertheless. The last few months were not easy for him, it was hard and he wanted to leave this time behind for once and for all. He would not have received this letter when his skills would have remained unknown. He took another look at the letter which shuddered in the light evening breeze under his other hand. The official seal was clearly on it, and it actually seemed to be authentic and genuine. He was briefly distracted by his neighbor Nicholas, who has been living for several years next door in the second part of the house – he was once again too loud with his rehearsals for the theatre. But now… now it was time for a fresh start. He rose somewhat cumbersome, but then went into the house, determined, and opened his closet to pack all the essential things for the trip to Britain.

(written near Jhelom, March 2015)