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The House of Flunkeydom (HoF) was always there, unwearyingly serving the two most important castles in Britannia and all the people, serving former and actual Kings. Their jobs and all their work have been gone unnoticed most of the time by the populace – until today. The House of Flunkeydom announces today for additional staff, you are requested to help to serve and make sure the procedures in the castles and regions are going uninterrupted!
Join The House of Flunkeydom today, presenting your most dedicated characters and skills!

What is The House of Flunkeydom?
The House of Flunkeydom is Drachenfels’ Participation-Reward-System. That means you can earn rewards for participating in those events. It is dedicated to the role-playing community, but it is fine to participate also if you are not an experienced or avid roleplayer. Just try not to displease others who are doing so!
Example: You have a tailor which participates, so he can deliver robes etc. when ordered by The House of Flunkeydom.

Are there rewards for participating?
Yes. Two times a year a Reward Ceremony will be held. The King will choose a suitable reward for your achievement. It could be a small item like a sash, shoes or clothing. The item will be personalised with your name. It is also shard bound. A reward will be handed out to everybody who has earned enough points during a half year (January – June, July – December) period. After that time the points are wiped and each participant starts at zero (0) points again. Points cannot be carried over to the next half-year.
Important Hint: There is one Royal Audience per month, and at least one or two HoF event(s) per month.

How can I earn points? And how long do they last?
The easiest way to earn points is by attending and participating in the HoF events (including Royal Audiences). Every event will earn you one (1) point just for attending, be it a job at a castle, an assignment abroad or a Royal Audience meeting. An additional point (1) may be – in very rare cases! – awarded to those who go above and beyond the call of duty.
To earn your attendance-point simply visit an event, ideally you show up only with one (and always the same) of your dedicated characters. Points are always displayed and updated regularly on the EM Website, so visit often to see your standing.

How many points do I need?

  • Up to 8 points you are just a servant and not eligible for any rewards
  • At 9 points you are entitled to one item/reward
  • At 11 points you are entitled to two items/rewards
  • At 13 points you are entitled to three items/rewards
  • At 15 points you’ve earned the chance for a special title or three items/rewards

What about those titles?
If you manage to get 15 points (or more) you can get a title instead of items/rewards.
You can choose the title from the following list, but there is also the possibilty to get another (RP) based title:

  • The Convivial Tinker*
  • The Debonair Rogue*
  • The Exceptional Blacksmith*
  • The Flamboyant Mage*
  • The Gleeful Rogue*
  • The Marvelous Healer*
  • The Observable Animal Tamer *
  • The Persistent Fencer*
  • The Stalwart Paladin*
  • A Glorious Servant of the Crown
    (* = or whatever your main profession title is)

How do I get my reward?
By attending the Reward Ceremony which is held twice a year. These ceremonies will be announced on the EM Website, the Towncriers and Facebook. If you can not make it to the Rewards Ceremony you can send an E-Mail to the EM, at most two weeks after the ceremony. Otherwise your reward will be nullified and erased.

What about the official characters appearing at HoF events?
There are a few characters possibly appearing which are:

  • Garina Mamba: Boss Housekeeper
    She is an elderly cynic and will give the players a hard time when they are appointed to do things in, around and for the castle/crown!
  • Gelbendil: Castle Guard Lieutenant
    He is the head of the non-existent castle guard and will need the players once in a while to go monster hunting in, around and abroad of the castle/crown.
  • Vamie Joliva: Chief Cook
    He is the head of the kitchen in the castles and will need the players to gather resources, bring items and stuff like that to do some famous cooking for King and country!
  • Heckles: Jester
    No one to be lightly joked with! He will do playful and mystery events with the players!

And how do I join this project now?
You send an E-Mail with the subject “Drachenfels HoF Project” to EM Lyraa and name your character name, guild name/tag (if any), the job of your character (maybe a short description of him/her also). As soon as you are registered, you can receive points.

Since when does this project run?
On September 10th, 2015 the first Start-Test-Event happened. There were no points to gain, this happened with the first official event on September 27th, 2015. Starting with the year 2016, this was the first whole season of HoF-Events.

This project was written by EM Lyraa, the rules are based on the RPG rules of the former EM on Europa – thanks Emile! The rules may be edited anytime. Last Update on those rules: May 2017.


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