Year 2009

A Happy Wedding – Part 1
Adelia and Thodal, a happy wedding couple will wed in the castle of the legendary Lord British by Lord Casca. The ceremony and the party afterwards will remain in the memory of many people.

A Happy Wedding  РPart 2
Adelia and Thodal are found murdered a few days later. Kalya Sesha, the step-sister of Adelia wants to investigate the murder at any cost. It is revealed that Adelia recently inherited an old map from her grandfather, on which a writing of “Silver Dragons” was. The map seems to have vanished now. Kalya wonders also about the fact that Lord Casca had married the couple. She asks him about it, and he responds extremely irritated and arrogant and warns Kalya of doing her own investigations.

Nevertheless, Kalya asks the sosarians for help, they explore the house (in the south of Yew) of the murdered couple once again thoroughly and discover under a table the diary of Adelia. There, the last words of Adelia are written down as she have to watch her Thodal be murdered. When the group wants to leave the house and go back to Britain, an ambush of Orcs and their “Blackrock Clan Captains” appears. With luck, they can overpower and extinguish them, however.

Mountain Madness – Part 1
Kalya Sesha once again asks for help: Some of the unusual orcs have been seen in the south of the mountain range ( “Peaks of Disgrace” near Yew). She wants to continue the search for the murderers of Adelia and Thodal there. The people will help, as generous as they always are. In the pass of the mountains they encounter hundred of orcs, “Blackrock Clan Captains” but also “Blackrock Clan Crystal Hydras”.

After fierce fighting, the group pushes up against the biggest cave there, and find their leader, the orc Gnarrbag. But before, they have to fight against three Shadowlord manifestations! Kalya Sesha and the sosarians find it very strange that the orc hosts such “guests” at their home and search the cave. They find the map of Adelia in a chest nearby! With this incriminating piece of evidence they are taking the orc Gnarrbag into custody and bring him back into the city to have him stand before an ordinary court.

Mountain Madness – Part 2
Kalya Sesha has asked Lord Casca to lead the negotiations against the orc Gnarrbag. But Lord Casca immediately classifies this trial as unnecessary, he would be fine if the orc would simply rot in prison somewhere. Kalya Sesha dares to rebel against this decision which brings the king into rage and he warns Kalya again to meddle with the affairs of the state. Shortly after this scene, Lord Casca disappears from the throne room in Britain, and nearly instantly a lot of Shadowlord manifestations appears. After a violent carnage in the castle the orc has suddenly disappeared too! Kalya Sesha find it especially curious that this all can happen: the Shadowlords could enter without facing any resistance the castle, and even without a single guard showing up…

The Ominous Merchant – Part 1
After the disappearance of Gnarrbag the orc Lord Casca has vanished completely too. Kalya Sesha summons the sosarians to have this matter cleared up for once. She has found – in the cave where the orcs where – an additional note indicating some evidence of a “shiny phenomenon” in a sea fort. This turns out to be the broken rift “Shiny” in the orc fort near Cove, where further information can be found. The journey then leads the people through various orc forts, outposts and ruins, leading in the end to Tokuno Islands, east of Bushido Dojo on the coast, where the dealer Liao the Merchant lives a small hut.

Kalya Sesha asks the dealer about the orc who only grudgingly gives information about him. He admits that he had arranged a meeting with the orc, but that it had not taken place. Finally, he shows the group the place where Gnarrbag has found his death – probably the Tsuki Wolves saw him as an intruder and killed him nearby…

The Ominous Merchant – Part 2
Kalya Sesha asks people for help again: After she has spoken with Liao quite a while about the orc, she learned of a “Dragon Weakening Potion”. Obviously, this was an item Lord Casca would like to use for the big fight between the Platinum and the Crimson Dragon. The evil dragon should have benefit from it! As Liao wanted to look after this potion himself he had no courage to begin the search in the Dungeon Destard. So he is happy that Kalya sends the people there to do so. With further evidence the sosarians finally arrive again in Tokuno Islands, where a note is found at Inu the Crone’s hut from Captain Somarr. It includes his remorse, that he intends to find back again to his former honesty again. It also includes a coordinate from where the captain wants to leave, everything points to Ilshenar Mireg / Lakeshire.

The Lonely Beach
After that, Kalya Sesha and the people are looking for more instructions of Captain Somarr actual residence. They follow the instructions at the Inn, who were found near Mistas. In Mireg/Lakeshire they meet Gareg the Sailor, he can give them further informations on the whereabouts of Captain Somarr. After a series of goods that the sailor takes in return for his clues, the group learns the password which allows the passage from the beach of Mireg/Lakeshire to the residence of the captain – Lenmir Anfinmotas is discovered!

At the beach itself they finally meet Captain Somarr who lives a simple life as a fishermen and hunter. He tells the people and Kalya about the potions and that he weakened it before it could have reached Lord Casca’s hands. Still, some monsters at the beach were infected with the potion, and the people find and slay them all.