House Decoration Contest 2016

Welcome to the page of the House Decoration Contest 2016 on Drachenfels and thanks working hard on your houses to present them to the community!

The Entries

There were the following entries:

  1. Entry 1 from Piotr
  2. Entry 2 from Mene
  3. Entry 3 from Nirot
  4. Entry 4 from Pedro
  5. Entry 5 from Kimba
  6. Entry 6 from Eysha
  7. Entry 7 from Dr. Alzheimer
  8. Entry 8 from Tormod
  9. Entry 9 from Finley

Entry 1 from Piotr
Location coordinates: w1, 1265, 538, 30, Trammel.
Lighthouse1Floor Lighthouse1FloorInside Lighthouse2FloorInside Lighthouse3FloorInside LighthouseRoof

Entry 2 from Mene
Location: w1, 724, 1174, Trammel.
Council of Yew_Sargmacherei Council of Yew_Sargmacherei_1 Council of Yew_Sargmacherei_2 Council of Yew_Sargmacherei_3

Entry 3 from Nirot
Location: Luna, inside ring, west from bank.
ClownsInn1 ClownsInn2 ClownsInn3

Entry 4 from Pedro
Location: w1, 809, 1073, Trammel.
pedro_foto1 pedro_foto2 pedro_foto3 pedro_foto4 pedro_foto5 pedro_foto6

Entry 5 from Kimba
Location: w1, 1336, 2224, Trammel.
Burg_Lindost_Groundlevel Burg_Lindost_Aussenansicht Burg_Lindost_Tactical_Room

Entry 6 from Eysha
Location: w1, 4410, 1495, Trammel.
Eysha1 Eysha2 Eysha3 Eysha4

Entry 7 from Dr. Alzheimer
Location: Luna, inside ring, north/east corner from the bank.
parrot1 parrot2 parrot3

Entry 8 from Tormod
Location: w1, 1832, 2540, 0, Trammel.

Tormod1 Tormod2 Tormod3 Tormod4 Tormod5 Tormod6 Tormod7 Tormod8 Tormod9

Entry 9 from Finley
Location: w1, 791, 1891, 0, Trammel.
Finley_FirstFloor Finley_SecondFloor Finley_ThridFloor Finley_FourthFloor

The Winners

There were three judges – three EM’s from other shards, and I didn’t vote at all – which gave out points. The “best design” got each 9 points, the “not best design” got each 1 point. The house with the most points won (1st), followups were 2nd and 3rd ranks. The three winners receive a banner on the city walls in Luna in the colours of gold, silver and bronze, which is built by Mesanna herself.

  1. Kimba, Burg Lindost (24 pt)
  2. Finley, Roof Lighthouse (22 pt)
  3. Mene’Tekel, Yew Coffinmakery (21 pt)
  4. Tormod, Bloodlust Stronghold
  5. Pedro, Yew
  6. Piotr, Sacrifice Lighthouse
  7. Dr. Alzheimer, Parrot Bay
  8. Nirot, Clown Inn
  9. Eysha, Moonglow Lighthouse

Congratulations and thanks everybody for participating! 🙂

EM Lyraa

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