Developer Meet & Greet 2016

The Developer Meet & Greet 2016 was held on June 13th, 2016 at 2pm EST on Drachenfels at Castle Blackthorn, at the throne room.

Before the meeting, the following discussions were held:

The following Developers visited us:
Mesanna, Bleak, Kyronix und Misk

EM Lyraa: Good Evening all!
EM Lyraa: Guten Abend allerseits!
You see:  Lady Mesanna
EM Lyraa: Good Evening Mesanna!
Mesanna: good evening

Mesanna: since I have your questions already
Mesanna: I will post them
Mesanna: then we will answer them
Mesanna: after we get thru the 28 questions
Mesanna: we will open the floor for any odd questions not asked
Nicnivin: please be aware that these are questions of some of us
Mesanna: sound good?
Kimba Deschain: sounds good!
Nicnivin: other people available might want to have a chance to ask questions too
You see:  Kyronix
You see:  Misk
You see:  Bleak

Mesanna: first question
Mesanna: From Dexter
Mesanna: Are there plans to make thieves more relevant in PvP? They feel rather useless these days.
Kyronix : We have no immediate plans, PvP thieving is a tricky profession to build for
Kyronix : Given the current climate of blessed, insured, and otherwise unstealable items
Kyronix : if anything we’ll look to improve the role in Vice and Virtue in coming updates

Mesanna says: From Belmarduk
Mesanna: What is the state of the graphics enhancements that were announced in the past – EC and CC?
Mesanna says: That one is mine
Mesanna says: *sighs*
Mesanna says: The past producer said we were going to update the graphics
Mesanna says: but
Mesanna: after doing the research on what would take to update all the art
Mesanna: we are looking at 5 to 8 years
Mesanna: to update all the art in UO to high Res
Mesanna: All the newer art is high rez but the other art will not be updated as stated originally

Mesanna: another question from Belmarduk
Mesanna: Which marketing measures are planned or ongoing to attract more players?
Mesanna: that one is mine also
Mesanna: We have a great plan for this
Mesanna: we are setting up a document on this for approval from EA
Mesanna: we hope to do this next year
Mesanna: as soon as I have this I will be letting everyone know our plans
Mesanna: I think everyone will be happy so please be patient

Mesanna: next question is from Seth Gecko
Mesanna: Why are dropped items with the Brittle mod at 255 durability, but reforged ones at 35?
Mesanna: Bleak has this one
Bleak: So we updated Dungeon Brittle items based on feedback to 255 durabilty which currently provides
Bleak: an advantage over reforged item. We will take a look in the future at re-balancing the items that
Mesanna: one sec guys
Mesanna: we will fix the hearing issue
Nicnivin: thank you!
Mesanna:  thanks for letting us know
Bleak: So we updated Dungeon Brittle items based on feedback to 255 durability which currently provides
Bleak: an advantage over reforged item. We will take a look in the future at re-balancing the items that
Bleak: are reforged with Brittle.

Mesanna: Next questions is from Dexter
Mesanna: Auto revealing stealthed characters in the Blackthorn dungeon on the Felucca facet feels out of place
Mesanna: Felucca is the place to resolve such things in a more personal manner.
Kyronix : We added the revealing ability to those creatures to deal with some other issues
Kyronix : Down there, but since have added additional measures to deal with those same issues
Kyronix : So its something we can revisit, I’m a big fan of the stealther myself
Kyronix : And it certainly is a bother when you seem to get revealed over and over
Kyronix : So perhaps it also worth revisiting the balance between mobs revealing you
Kyronix : and the character’s stealth and hiding
Kyronix : So its certainly something we can look into for a future update
Kyronix : Great question, thanks!
Mesanna: next question

Mesanna: A pet crystal to send a pet into the stables (the opposite of the pet summoning crystal that already exists) would help tamers to not being stuck with a useless pet in a situation where recalling out and in again is not possible. Even if summoning another pet is not possible in the given environment and the pet is sent back.
Mesanna: long question
Mesanna: ok bottom line is
Mesanna: we will review this request
Mesanna: There would have to be a lot of restrictions on the pets
Mesanna: so before we say anything else we will have to discuss this request
Mesanna: next question

Mesanna: Why do the new masteries have such high mana requirements?
Mesanna: waiting on someone typing
Bleak: The strength of the mastery spells are higher than most spells in the game which requires a high
Bleak: mana cost.
Bleak: So spell strength == mana cost 🙂

Mesanna: The fencing mastery Thrust seems to not working. At maxed skills and level 3 primer the damage bonus/reduction is still 0%.
Mesanna: Bleak will be answering this one also
Kyronix : it’s just hard for him to type with those talons
Bleak: We will look into this report.

Mesanna: It is obvious that it is desirable from a design standpoint to constantly remove items from the game to be able to introduce new ones. The concept of Ephemeral/Antique doesn’t seem to be well received by players though, since it is a tremendous effort to assemble the ‘almost perfect’ set. Do you have a concept to resolve this conflict?
Kyronix : As the question points out, everything can’t last forever
Kyronix : Despite the desire to the contrary, it isn’t healthy for the economy or the gameplay loop
Kyronix : If the best items last forever
Kyronix : The more powerful an item, the shorter its overall lifespan
Kyronix : There are ways to prolong the lifespan, but this is a balancing concern because we don’t want
Kyronix : To completely jack up the power creep
Kyronix : So how do we deal with it?
Kyronix : When we revamped the loot a couple years ago we tweaked how these negative properties
Kyronix : Were applied in contrast to increasing power levels
Kyronix : The result has been a pretty fair balance
Kyronix : I think a more poignant question in the context of this question
Kyronix : Rather than how do you resolve the conflict of crafting the perfect suit
Kyronix : is whether you should be able to craft the perfect suit? What is perfect?
Kyronix : Great question though, and a worthwhile conversation to have!

Mesanna: Are there plans to introduce means to enhance the abilities of governors to communicate with their citizens? The first implementation of the city boards allowed citizens to post there.
Kyronix : We added new bulletin boards to act as an in game newspaper style announcer
Kyronix : To try and streamline the bulletin board UI
Kyronix : If a governor would like an old style bulletin board, we can place one
Kyronix : Just have to ask for one
Kyronix : And we can place it
Nicnivin: Thank you!
Kimba Deschain: We will quote you on that one 😉

Mesanna: What is the standard for melee fighters, in terms of designing new encounters and monsters? Sampires are able to kill almost anything solo.
Most other melee builds have little chance of surviving, even with support, against enemies using special attacks or massive damage. So, how high is the bar set?
Misk: Very high.

Mesanna: The randomly generated maze down at dungeon Wrong seems to be not solvable most of the time due to the teleport sparkles blocking the way out of the dungeon. Is this intended?
Mesanna: sounds like it might be broken we will look into this issue

Mesanna: One detail about Humility Hunts was that pets are unable to stealth. Are there stealthing pets? I would expect a Raptor having that skill, but they never actually stealthed after being tamed.
Kyronix : The intention for the humility hunt is for to show your humility in the face of an opponent
Kyronix : by facing them with reduced resists, stealthing isn’t going to help you in achieving paths of humility
Kyronix : So I’m not sure what the intent is there, stealthing pets are a separate issue
Kyronix : And something we’d really have to evaluate before we did anything like that
Nicnivin: the question is: are there pets able to stealth
Dogard: orc brute

Mesanna: What about a Focused Fighter? There is a Focused Mage. Any chance to not having to pick Chivalry or Bushido as a melee character and still being effective
Misk: This is something that we will need to discuss further, but I agree that not requiring those two
Misk: skills would be a wonderful addition to the game!

Mesanna: The random combat moves of dinosaurs are very unnerving if you are a melee fighter. Every dinosaur at the turtle spawn can do every special move. Melee fighters are the ones who have to constantly run, possibly loosing their mount after being area poisoned after a dismount. If specific opponents had specific sets of abilities (one type dismounts, mortal strikes and paralyzes, the other poisons, armor ignores and disarms, …) the targets could be picked in a more tactical manner.
Kyronix : All the dinosaurs have a preselected set of stats, resists, tactics, and special moves
Kyronix : So you can learn about them and make a tactical decision as to how to best face them

Mesanna: Why does offline time not count against changing active masteries or resetting the pet training timer?
Bleak: The mastery timer is based off in game time.

Mesanna: When decorating your home sometimes items occur above others that were placed below them after reentering the house, re-logging, or at some other event. Why is it so random which items are on top? Sometimes it feels like it switches every other day. That limits decorating in many ways This is an issue that has been around from day one almost.
Mesanna: not sure we have an answer for that at this time

Mesanna: When wearing gauntlets the chance to disarm traps is reduced (not that many do that by hand anymore). Is there an armor part worn by gargoyles that reduces these chances as well?
Mesanna: We are going to have to confirm this
Mesanna: one sec
Mesanna: It is as design that it will reduce it by the amount of armor on your hands

Xen-Eru Nemisis: do we not see the players speech?
Coco Zamis: all are muted
Xen-Eru Nemisis: the crystal is only Mesanna, do we see the player questions?
Soul.Train: mesanna is reading the questions given by players and is answering
Coco Zamis: somebody has send a long list of questions
Xen-Eru Nemisis: we were supposed to send her questions?
EM Lyraa: No, but players collected those before.
Coco Zamis: i hope i can ask unlisted questions
Mesanna:  right now we are answering the questions turned in to us, we will take a few questions after
Xen-Eru Nemisis: so i should wait till next one?
EM Lyraa: Just wait a few more minutes… there are more.
Gator: will this be the format of m&g’s going forward?
Mesanna: no

Mesanna: Why are both of the new Eodon armor types medable? There seems to be a shortage of melee armor
Kyronix : It worked out that way based on the materials that were available from the natural resources in
Kyronix : Eodon
Kyronix : We experimented early on in making some heavier armors, but the look just wasn’t right
Kyronix : So a combination of say dragon turtle pieces with leather that more minimalistic fit better
Kyronix : aesthetically so we wound up with two light armor types

Mesanna: Tiger and turtle armor can’t be enhanced by using better leather types, so stat wise it is worse having these new armor types drop, compared to existing armor types.
Kyronix : This is something we hope to add in a future publish, its in our backlog

Mesanna: Are there plans to introduce new rewards for the hunters trophies? Possibly something expendable, since the market for the currently available rewards seems to be saturated.
Kyronix : We added some new trophies for last years update, this is something we can keep in mind
Kyronix : When looking at a future update to the Huntsman’s Quest

Mesanna: Why are Greater Dragons and Cu Sidhe not accepted as donations at the Moonglow zoo?
Mesanna: Because we have not updated the zoo in a long time to be honest
Mesanna: there is no other answer than that to be honest with you
Mesanna: When we do the pet revamp we will look at the zoo at that time
Kimba Deschain: thanks for your honesty 🙂

Mesanna: If a pet or summon has mysticism, spellweaving or necromancy skills, is the skill reflected by the value for magery (as shown by animal lore)?
Mesanna: this is a good question
Mesanna: we are not sure…lol
Mesanna: but great question
Mesanna: we will find the answer for you guys

Mesanna: Could town criers be enhanced to announce official events in a way that they mention the time of the events more detailed when they come closer, like “happens in two hours”, “has started”. They could also automatically stop announcing the event after it has ended.
Mesanna: This is the responsibility of the EM’s
Mesanna: maybe you should talk to your EM on your shard and request this

Mesanna: Do you have statistics of all items unraveled? Do you track which are sought after or considered junk?
Mesanna: no we do not track this
Mesanna: if we did our data base would be soooooo big

Mesanna: The stacking box for grass and snow tiles is very useful, could you include small blackrock to be stacked in a similar manner?
Misk: Due to the varying tiles used with small blackrock, making them stackable is not a possibility, sorry

Mesanna: We can remove Damage Increase from weapons, I would really love to remove Splintering from weapons
Kyronix : This is something we can investigate and see about adding in a future update
Kyronix : Thanks for the question!

Mesanna: ok we will open the questions now
Mesanna: Lyraa you want to pull in a few
EM Lyraa: Yep…

You see:  Coco Zamis of Drachenfels
Mesanna: Hello Coco
Coco Zamis: *pushes fast forward*
Coco Zamis: *looks a bit nervous*
Coco Zamis: Welcome on Drachenfels my Dark Lady, ruler of the shards.
Coco Zamis: Greetings to the EM, (GM) and dev team.
Coco Zamis: First i have to thank you and your team for the hard work
Coco Zamis: which you have done in the last months.
Coco Zamis: I love it, even if some parts are hard.
Coco Zamis: *bows*
Coco Zamis: My thanks goes also to our local field helper named
Coco Zamis: “Quick” GM River and “Deathrobe Machine” EM Lyraa
Coco Zamis: *smiles and bows*
EM Lyraa: *coughs*
Coco Zamis: I just want to make clear that i won’t ask anything about HAB
Coco Zamis: *blushes*
Coco Zamis: Now to my few questions:
Coco Zamis: *looks into the notes starting at page 5*
Coco Zamis: Will you change the VvV tagging out of VvV towns?.
Kyronix : Could you be more specific?
Kyronix : What do you mean tagging out?
Coco Zamis: if you are in a vvv town it is ok to be tagged as vvv opponent
Coco Zamis: at other locations, for example champs
Coco Zamis: i doesnt think so
Coco Zamis: blues will not go red anymore
Kyronix : We have no plans to change that
Coco Zamis: ok
Coco Zamis: Is possible to re-size the CC game window? Think about new monitor resolutions. UO game window will have the size of a stamp with 4K.
Mesanna: we have already talked about it and Bleak is looking into it
Coco Zamis: thanks
Coco Zamis: There is only a minimal chance to get good dexxer loot compared to good mage armor. Is this with intent?
Mesanna: last question
Coco Zamis: was last
Mesanna: I think we have others behind you
Coco Zamis: should i repeat
Coco Zamis: the last one?
Mesanna: nope we have journals =)
Mesanna: alot of the properties can be used for both
Mesanna: if you have an idea of what you would like to see for a dexxer send it to us
Coco Zamis: well mh, i will looking into it
Coco Zamis: have a good day
Mesanna: you also

Mesanna: how many people here are asking questions?
Mesanna: wait
Mesanna: we need you to line up

You see:  Finley Grant the Artificer
Finley Grant: hello
Mesanna: Greetings
Kyronix : Hello!
Finley Grant: first of all, good job with that eodon thing
Kyronix : Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!
Mesanna: thank you
Finley Grant: one little hint, please use not so many dynamic maps and so on
Finley Grant: in EC this sometimes causes issues
Finley Grant: when u press STRG + Shift to get bars and so on
Kyronix : We are looking at a solution for this for Shadowguard
Finley Grant: sometimes you have a screen full of “floor tile”
Finley Grant: “dungeon floor”
Finley Grant: like at events
Finley Grant: when the EMs make their stuff at “secret” locations
Finley Grant: ok my Question
Finley Grant: can you please tell the EMs to 1. put down really all stuff in advance at the calendar
Mesanna: Lyraa
Finley Grant: 2. maybe also ask them to speak english
Mesanna: what he said =P
EM Lyraa: Yes… I always do.
EM Lyraa: *grins*
Finley Grant: lyraa is doing great
Finley Grant: not pointing to her
Finley Grant: more to APAC
Mesanna: but you are on Drac =)
EM Lyraa: Tsk.
Finley Grant: yes
Finley Grant: but god gave us more shards
Mesanna: if you have a complaint about another shard email me then
Finley Grant: sure,
Finley Grant: thanks
Finley Grant: *)*
Mesanna: and I will address it with the correct EM
Finley Grant: go on with good work
Mesanna: thanks
Finley Grant: thanks
Finley Grant: bye bye

You see:  Lord Ithildin Balbeth Knight of Trinsic
Ithildin Balbeth: Errm
Mesanna: hi Ithildin
Ithildin Balbeth: Hi all together
Ithildin Balbeth: Just a small question, if maybe other hued llamas would be an opportunity?
Ithildin Balbeth: and maybe speckled horses?
Mesanna: we will review it during the pet revamp
Ithildin Balbeth: Great, thanks, keep up the good work =)
Mesanna: any hue changes will be tasteful
Ithildin Balbeth: *smiles*
Ithildin Balbeth: I think so
Ithildin Balbeth: Thank thee
Mesanna: most welcone
Mesanna: welcome

You see:  Aby
Aby: Hello
Mesanna: hi Aby
Aby: i came back to uo
Aby: the most ppl older i am 54 years old
Aby: started UO on 1998
Aby: so  the small pieces of items are not so good 4 old ppl
Aby: a ring is very small
Aby: i hope u understand me
EM Lyraa: Sag es sonst auf deutsch…
EM Lyraa: Du meinst zu kleine Items zum Anschauen?
Aby: ob das spiel für ältere leute etwas besser gestaltet wird
Aby: ein ring ist sehr klein
EM Lyraa: She means the items are too small… like small rings.
EM Lyraa: If this could be changed, bigger graphics…
Aby: einfach etwas freundlicher für ältere spieler
Aby: Danke
EM Lyraa: *nickt*
Mesanna: thats an art question that I would have to address with them
Mesanna: but
Mesanna: understand not all players like for us to change the art
Mesanna: to make it easier we do have different hued backpacks we can put in
Mesanna: so we can see items easier in the back packs
Mesanna: anything else?
Aby: no thanks

You see:  Lord Soul.Train the Tycoon
Mesanna: we will take a few more
Mesanna: Greetings Soul Train
Soul.Train: good evening together
Soul.Train: i only got 2 questions
Soul.Train: it is possible to make brazier and candelabra dye-able
Soul.Train: the vet brazier to 😉
Mesanna: we will talk about it
Soul.Train: and
Soul.Train: its not possible to built closed rooms in castles etc
Soul.Train: there is sometimes
Soul.Train: free space
Soul.Train: a solution for this would be great
Mesanna: define a closed room
Soul.Train: u cant do corners
Mesanna: do you mean with a roof
Soul.Train: nope
Soul.Train: in the main room
Mesanna: you mean corner posts
Soul.Train: of a castle u cant built a closed room
Soul.Train: yep
Soul.Train: there will be always
Soul.Train: free space
Kyronix : You can try and put the corner piece in a choppable container
Soul.Train: no way
Kyronix : And then place that in the space where it would normally go
Soul.Train: i tried this
Kyronix : And you can get it to flush up
Soul.Train: nope
Soul.Train: wont work
Soul.Train: be sure
Soul.Train: 😉
Kyronix : If you can send us some screenshots
Soul.Train: sure ill do
Kyronix : It would be more helpful to understand exactly what you mean
Kyronix : If there is something we can do maybe we can
Kyronix : Thanks!
Mesanna: and reproduce to find a solution
Soul.Train: ill do asap
Mesanna: thank you
Soul.Train: thank u too
Soul.Train: *bows
Soul.Train: btw
Mesanna: ?
Soul.Train: Governor for Serpent Holds would be great
Soul.Train: *waves
Kyronix : Serpent’s Hold is a military base

You see:  Messana
Messana: greetings!
Mesanna: Hello Messana
Messana: hello real Mesanna
Mesanna: really close on the name huh
EM Lyraa: *laughs*
Messana: your name isnt allowed
Messana: 🙁
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: for a reason
Messana: i have 2 quick questions
Messana: are there plans to allow cameo talismans to be powder of fortable?
Messana: or no dura like the slither
Kyronix : This goes back to what we talked about earlier about things not lasting forever
Messana: sorta…
Kyronix : We have to evaluate it for balance and longevity
Kyronix : There stuff out there that probably shouldn’t last forever
Kyronix : And stuff out there that probably should last forever
Messana: but you were talking about random powerful loot
Kyronix : And now you’re talking about specific powerful artifacts
Messana: cameo is 200 mil item… and breaks
Messana: how come slither has no dura
Messana: its hard because it loses $ value quickly if used
Messana: bad investment
Messana: the enchantress cameo im referring to
Messana: so the answer is no then? no plans for that?
Kyronix : No, the answer is we have to look at the big picture
Kyronix : Before we change it
Messana: okay
Messana: my other question is, mesanna will you help me with something on Atlantic for 2 min after this?
Messana: lol GM told me to find you about something
Mesanna: talk to me after
Messana: thanks for listening

You see:  feeda
feeda: hi all
Mesanna: hello Feeda
Kyronix : Hello!
Mesanna: 10 more minutes guys
feeda: i heard the bods system would change and i was wondering if this is true
feeda: or just rumors
Mesanna: yes we want to redo it
Mesanna: especially the reward system
feeda: yes it would be great to have a point based system
Mesanna: exactly
Mesanna: thats what we have been talking about
feeda: would make people use smaller bods and wep bods
Mesanna: agreed
feeda: thanks 🙂
feeda: just one more question 😛
feeda: i had some undyed masks and was wondering if i could get them dyed after the ending of the meet
Mesanna: probably not today but I will return
feeda: oh ok 🙁
feeda: well thanks anyways 🙂
Mesanna: or you could give them to Lyraa
feeda: that was all
Mesanna: in a bag with your name
Mesanna: and after I dye them she can return it
feeda: hmmm i could go get a book i guess 😛
feeda: just drachfells not my main shard so not here many times hehehe
Mesanna: *smiles*
Mesanna: I will return promise
feeda: alrigth i will go out so others can make questions too 😛
feeda: ty

You see:  Erisa
Mesanna: hi Erisa
Erisa: Hello
Erisa: just a short question about the EC bugs 🙁
Erisa: any idea if it will get fixed?
Mesanna: umm which EM bugs
Mesanna: EC
Erisa: Spellbooks
Erisa: soulstone use and relogg
Mesanna: we are constantly fixing bugs
Erisa: always crashes it 🙂
Erisa: nearly all spellbooks, if you right click em
Mesanna: spellbooks?
Erisa: and sometimes in doom while stealthing, but i couldn’t redo it
Erisa: yes if i open a magebook, and cast out of it or drag a spell
Mesanna: please send me those observations in writing so we can try to reproduce them
Mesanna: make sure you give alot of details
Erisa: ok i will
Erisa: thanks for ya time 🙂
Mesanna: so we can reproduce it
Mesanna: thank you so much

You see:  Gator
Gator: hiya
Mesanna: Hi Gator
Gator: my question in a confusion on antique property
Gator: the quide say it can be pof 3 times
Gator: but i can never get it to work on my ring
Gator: I’m i doing it wrong?
Misk: No you simply cannot POF jewelry at all
Misk: No matter what properties they may have
Gator: on purpose?
Gator: they wear out very fast compared to armor is that intended?
Mesanna: one sec
Mesanna: talking about this
Mesanna: talking one sec
Mesanna: yes that was done on purpose
Kyronix : Yes it is on purpose because jewelry is one of the few things left that has a finite lifespan
Gator: why have any be antique at all then?
Gator: oh well i nm im gonna lose ty
Kyronix : Ok, thanks for the question!

You see:  Madilyn Gastley
Madilyn Gastley: Good evening!
Mesanna: Good evening
Madilyn Gastley: Two easy questions: House Search Tool; Any news? and Can we we have Kings Collection added to the shop
Mesanna: No news yet on the house search tool
Mesanna: and as far as the kings collection it still has to be put in on the account management page
Mesanna: so for now that is also a no
Mesanna: at this time
Madilyn Gastley: ok
Madilyn Gastley: Thank you!
Mesanna: you are most welcome
Mesanna: ask me again in a year =)
Mesanna: lol
Madilyn Gastley: lol

You see:  NinaLuna
NinaLuna: good evening all
Mesanna: Hello
NinaLuna: i have a question for the quests
NinaLuna: could it be possible to give out a message
NinaLuna: max 10 quests at a time
NinaLuna: i think that would save bug reports
NinaLuna: and GM efforts
Mesanna: I agree that it should be common knowledge or atleast the limitation known
NinaLuna: thx
Mesanna: It is a common issue from the players
Mesanna: we do have a bug in the system on it
Mesanna: anything else?
NinaLuna: no i hope the pet revamp next year
Mesanna: we are gearing up for it
NinaLuna: will be done well for us tamers .)
NinaLuna: thx
NinaLuna: and bye
Mesanna: It will be done for everyone =)
Mesanna: good bye

Mesanna: Thanks Drach you guys had some great questions
Kyronix : Thanks Drachenfels!
Bleak: Thanks Everywhere!
Kyronix : *waves*
NinaLuna: yes thank you for being here 🙂
Mesanna: ok thank you for having us Drachenfels
Nicnivin: thank you for answering our questions 🙂
Ithildin Balbeth: Thanks for all the hard work on our behalf!
Ithildin Balbeth: Dankeee, gute Nacht

EM Lyraa: Thanks a lot Mesanna, Misk, Bleak and Kyronix, for your time!
EM Lyraa: Okay guys… that was the Developer Meet & Greet tonight! Hope you had fun!

(This text was a bit redacted on June 14th, 2016 by EM Lyraa for a better reading pleasure)


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