House Decoration Contest 2017

Welcome to the page of the House Decoration Contest 2017 on Drachenfels and thanks working hard on your houses to present them to the community!

The Entries

There were the following entries:

  1. Entry from Spirit
  2. Entry from Kimba
  3. Entry from Piotr
  4. Entry from Gilmour
  5. Entry from Julia
  6. Entry from Pcuvush
  7. Entry from Ingroll
  8. Entry from Tormod

Entry 1 from Spirit
Name: R Gildenhaus
Location: Felucca, Marble Island
Coordinates: 1948, 2091

Entry 2 from Kimba
Name: Biergarten, New Magincia
Location: Trammel, New Magincia
Coordinates: 3694, 2093

Entry 3 from Piotr
Name: Lakeview Manor
Location: Trammel, near Entrance of Despise
Coordinates: 1331, 1079

Entry 4 from Gilmour
Name: Knuckleville, Gil’s Mansion
Location: Trammel, New Magincia
Coordinates: 3719, 2157

Entry 5 from Julia
Name: Winchester Mansion
Location: Trammel, Vesper
Coordinates: 2800, 1005

Entry 6 from Pcuvush
Name: Orc Valley Inn
Location: Trammel, in the Orc Valley
Coordinates: 976, 1327

Entry 7 from Ingroll
Name: Raven’s Peak, Werkstatt & Lager
Location: Malas, Northern Crags
Coordinates: 1666, 122

Entry 8 from Tormod
Name: Castle Bloodlust
Location: Trammel, near Vesper Swamp
Coordinates: 1827, 2543

The Winners

There were three judges – three EM’s from other shards, and I didn’t vote at all – which gave out points. The “best design” got each 8 points, the “not best design” got each 1 point. The house with the most points won (1st), followups were 2nd and 3rd ranks. The three winners receive a banner at the West Britain Bank, Trammel, coloured in gold, silver and bronze, which was built by Mesanna herself.

  1. Pcuvush, Orc Valley Inn, near Yew (23 points)
  2. Tormod, Bloodlust Castle, near Trinsic (16)
  3. Julia, Winchester, Vesper (15)
  4. Kimba, Beergarden, New Magincia
  5. Ingroll, Raven’s Peak, Builders Hall, Malas
  6. Piotr, Lakeview, near Despise
  7. Gilmour, Knuckleville, New Magincia
  8. Spirit, Marble Island, Felucca

Congratulations and thanks everybody for participating! 🙂

EM Lyraa