Developer Meet & Greet 2017

The Developer Meet & Greet 2017 was held on August 14th, 2017 at 2pm EST on Drachenfels at Castle Blackthorn, at the throne room.

Mesanna: greetings Kimba
Kimba Deschain: Good evening Ladies and Gents
Kimba Deschain: And thank you for visiting our lovely shard
Mesanna: our pleasure
Kimba Deschain: I have a little bug report and a few suggestions

Kimba Deschain: first: the parry mastery doesn’t seem to work properly on pets
Kimba Deschain: The Bodyguard ability is not working reliably when you set the pet to guard
Mesanna: Need more information on these for us to try to reproduce the issue
Kimba Deschain: I ruled everything out (mana, space between the pet and me) etc.
Bleak: Are you staying in range?
Kimba Deschain: Aye, aye
Kimba Deschain: shall I send you more info via Email?
Mesanna: can you send me the type of pet etc and all your findings please
Mesanna: easier to work off of
Kimba Deschain: uo[at]
Mesanna: to get you an answer
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: me
Mesanna: mesanna[at]
Kimba Deschain: will do m’Lady

Kimba Deschain: So while we are on the topic of pets:
Kimba Deschain: Pet summoning balls are a great idea. but they are SO limited:
Kimba Deschain: 1. the places you can summon your pets at are very, very limited.
Kimba Deschain: 2. An addition of a “send-pet-away-ball” would make our lives way easier.
Mesanna: lol I am sure it would be but it would also be abused probably also
Kimba Deschain: Awwww
Kimba Deschain: *cries a small tear*
Mesanna: I am sorry but its our job to look at both sides
Kimba Deschain: But maybe you could lift the restrictions for summoning?
Mesanna: we can look at them
Kimba Deschain: Especially since everyone knows how to bypass it (log out/in)
Mesanna: how about you give suggestions in the email as to what areas you would like to see added
Mesanna: right
Kimba Deschain: that’s rather easy… all *g*
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: I tried

Kimba Deschain: Okay, next pet-related topic
Kimba Deschain: The rare color spawns are super fun
Kimba Deschain: and there are some really nice colors. but please, please add more! like abysal nightmares
Mesanna: lol we have one in the store you can buy =)
Kimba Deschain: I’m sure the players would buy way more items if you added more 🙂
Mesanna: from our past experieces we do have to be careful with hues on pets
Mesanna: it is a touchy subject
Kimba Deschain: no, no: I meant: add more varieties to the rare colors
Mesanna: that gets heated rather fast it seems
Kimba Deschain: Oh I bet – please not glacials *g*
Mesanna: god no
Kimba Deschain: haha I feel you
Mesanna: or neon greens
Mesanna: or touch me pinks
Kimba Deschain: *shrugs*
Mesanna: bright pinks!
Kimba Deschain: Last question/suggestion:

Kimba Deschain: Currently anatomy/eval int (and to a lesser degree animal lore) are “boring” skills
Kimba Deschain: you are forced to take them, but the active use function is… well useless
Kimba Deschain: on the other hand we (or at least me) are having problems to identify slayer-vulnerabilites of mobs
Mesanna: have you used magery without eval int?
Kimba Deschain: how about this:
Kimba Deschain: Add an info about a mobs slayer vulnerability to the active use function of those mentioned skills
Mesanna: Bleak/Kyronix
Mesanna: you have anything to add here
Kimba Deschain: it would raise the quality-of-life AND give those skills an actual use (besides the passive bonuses)
Kimba Deschain: Kyronix is rocking that Tuxedo by the way 🙂
Kyronix : Well thank you!
Kimba Deschain: *giggles*
Kimba Deschain: Maybe meet me at the bar later?
Kimba Deschain: *wink, wink*
Mesanna: wait till you see him at the party costume contest
Kimba Deschain: haha
EM Lyraa: *laughs*
Kyronix : We’ve talked about revamping the “useless” skills in the past, no concrete plans though
Kyronix : Just some high level ideas at this point
Kyronix : But that’s a great suggestion we will consider when we get there!
Kyronix : Thanks!
Kimba Deschain: Thank you – remember us CC players with these kind of additions 🙂
Mesanna: of course
Kimba Deschain: That’s all from me – thank you VERY much for your continous effort and the great additions to
Kimba Deschain: the game.
Mesanna: thank you

Kimba Deschain: and congratulations, Lyraa
Kimba Deschain: sleek new look
Kimba Deschain: *grin*
EM Lyraa: *thanks*
EM Lyraa: Unexpected, really…
Kimba Deschain: oh one last thing:
Mesanna: black is the new orange
Kimba Deschain: Lyraa is the best!
Kimba Deschain: *cheers*
Mesanna: I agree
EM Lyraa: Haha!
Kimba Deschain: hihi
Kimba Deschain: take care fellas
Kimba Deschain: love you 🙂
EM Lyraa: Ugh…
EM Lyraa: *watery eyes*

Mesanna: Greetings Coco
Coco Zamis: *Looks around*
Coco Zamis: Well hello, Lady Mesanna, Lyraa, Kyronix
Coco Zamis: Bleak and Misk
Coco Zamis: Thanks for your work in the past years.
Coco Zamis: Congrats to nearly 20 years of entertainment
Coco Zamis: *bows*
Mesanna: we are so excited
Coco Zamis: I have two short questions and a personal issue
Coco Zamis: Will there be a live stream from the party?
Mesanna: yes Kyronix is single
Mesanna: *snickers*
EM Lyraa: *giggles*
Ken Hensley: lol
Mesanna: As far as the party Red Rose asked if they could set up
Mesanna: but we are also taking alot of pictures
Mesanna: Whispering Rose
Mesanna: sorry
Coco Zamis: ok
Coco Zamis: Which new veteran rewards will await us?
Mesanna: A rideable dragon
Coco Zamis: and?
Mesanna: the rest is a suprise
Coco Zamis: ok
Coco Zamis: At least i have two personal problems.
Coco Zamis: As i can see on stratics, i am not alone with a memory problem while
Coco Zamis: starting the CC on Windows 7 or 10 since several weeks.
Coco Zamis: There comes an error showing to less memory after clicking on Play Button
Mesanna: we will have our own forums in the next month
Coco Zamis: in the start window. Even if i have enough memory free (2GB up) and disk space
Mesanna: Bleak
Coco Zamis: for swapping is avail.
EM Lyraa: *cheers*
Bleak: I will take a closer look
Coco Zamis: ok, have to reboot often until UO runs smooth
Coco Zamis: the last one
Coco Zamis: I want to change the security of some items in my castle to guild only.
Coco Zamis: But this doesn’t work. A mail informed me, that the house owner has done
Coco Zamis: a shard transfer. And therefor the house owner was deleted and guild
Coco Zamis: security didn’t work anymore. I have to transfer my house to solve this issue.
Bleak: Can you email us more information on your user settings such as game window size
Coco Zamis: ah well, about the memory stuff?
Mesanna: umm I can just give your house to someone else on that account for you
Bleak: Yes
Mesanna: to keep from having to involve two accounts
Coco Zamis: that would be nice
Coco Zamis: i activated one
Coco Zamis: but he has to less stoarge increas
Coco Zamis: *g*
Mesanna: send me an email when you will be on etc
Mesanna: and we will get it done
Coco Zamis: ok
Coco Zamis: thanks
Coco Zamis: that was my stuff
Coco Zamis: and yes, thank you Lyraa
EM Lyraa: Always…
EM Lyraa: *grins n hugs*

Mesanna: Hi Asia
Asia: Hello m’lady!
Asia: I was wondering what that flying dragon looks like… 🙂
Mesanna: watch the news letter for pictures
Asia: ooooo
Mesanna: Asia you with us?
Mesanna: did you have a question?
Asia: Yes, was afking a bit, work call…
Mesanna: umm
Asia: 😀
Mesanna: maybe step out a while
Asia: How did I get in here =D

Mesanna: hi Drizzt
Drizzt do Urden: Good evening
Drizzt do Urden: Any chance we can get the vendor system changed to revitalize small shard
Drizzt do Urden: vendors? I would like to see a one time fee instead of a daily ticking fee.
Mesanna: probably not
Drizzt do Urden: Items on small shards often sell after a long time, so profit gets minimized if
Drizzt do Urden: its not even a loss. So people dont put vendors cause its not worth it.
Mesanna: we are not set up to each shard
Mesanna: just total system wide
Drizzt do Urden: at least be able to alter each of them?
Drizzt do Urden: i was talking system wide
Mesanna: how is that fair then
Mesanna: Maybe I am missing something
Drizzt do Urden: it is not?
Mesanna: one person puts on millions worth of items
Mesanna: and the next puts on a few 100K
Mesanna: and they both cost the same?
Drizzt do Urden: nope
Drizzt do Urden: Will we ever be able to get a gargoyle version of the Shadowguard artifacts or
Drizzt do Urden: just pay once
Mesanna: its in the backlog
Mesanna: so yes that will exist
Drizzt do Urden: fine
Drizzt do Urden: Any chance we get the random ressource areas reverted to the old static system?
Drizzt do Urden: Atm it favors only the scripters and its not really worth mining or lumbering
Drizzt do Urden: for a certain ore or wood
Mesanna: that is something we have talked about many times
Mesanna: and most of us agree with you
Mesanna: I personally would like to see it reverted
Mesanna: but let us talk about this more
Drizzt do Urden: ok
Mesanna: and when we make our final decision we will let you guys know
Drizzt do Urden: ty
Drizzt do Urden: Thats it for now
Mesanna: have a good day
Mesanna: and great name

Nandus: *looks a bit nervous*
Nandus: Greetings to the masters of our universe.
Mesanna: greetings Nandus
Mesanna: we won’t bite
Nandus: *lifts a wing*
Nandus: I am standing here for the race of the Gargoyles and would like
Nandus: to talk about some issues we have with armor crafting.
Nandus: As far as you know, we don’t like to wear something on our head.
Nandus: Instead of this we wear magical armored earrings to have the same
Mesanna: bleak will stand with you
Nandus: options that the human or *looks disgusted* elfs race has.
Nandus: But we haven’t the same options. It is not possible to reforge
Nandus: our earring or necklace equipment and the runics to reforge stone have
Nandus: lesser uses than the runics for leather or iron ingots.
Nandus: So we are a more unlucky race than the others.
Nandus: Is it possible to solve this situation?
Nandus: *rolling horns*
Mesanna: one sec
Bleak: Tinkering currently does not have access to reforging. We will have more discussions on this topic.
Mesanna: knob there is no reason to insult Bleaks typing
Nandus: ty
Mesanna: just because he is a slow typer is no reason to insult anyone
Knob Goblin: one of your devs is a slow typer? thats odd.
Nandus: My second issue is a personal one.
Nandus: I was honored for my commitment to the House of Flunkeydom at the beginning
Nandus: of this year. My gift should be a title given from the crown.
Nandus: I assume that justified thru the publishes you haven’t found a date to
Nandus: be here before this Meet & Greet.
Nandus: So i am very lucky to see you here on Drachenfels.
EM Lyraa: *grins*
Nandus: my Dark Lady
Mesanna: I am sorry tell me again why you need a special title?
Nandus: well, this is a gift for hardworking at the HoF
Nandus: Events
EM Lyraa: *nods*
Mesanna: That is probably not going to happen and the only titles given out is from higher than the crown
Mesanna: IE: ME
EM Lyraa: *grins*
EM Lyraa: *nods again*
Mesanna: but nice try anyways
Mesanna: anything else sir
Nandus: no
Nandus: good evening
Mesanna: have a great day
Mesanna: ok guys
Mesanna: one question

Cerberus: just one?
Cerberus: omg
EM Lyraa: Hehe…
Mesanna: Greetings Cerberus
Mesanna: yes 3 people in 40 minutes is not good
Cerberus: its a pleasure to meet you here tonight
Mesanna: You also
Cerberus: ok reducing 15 questions to one
Mesanna: lol
Cerberus: The city buff system and all other city reward systems are toooo expensive
Cerberus: they are set up for a lot of players
Cerberus: 2-3 players cant update the zoo alone (e.g.)
Cerberus: Can u reduce the costs?
Kyronix : As part of the upcomming arc, the city treasures should see a nice bolster to their available coin
Cerberus: e.g. vesper museum need millions of gold
Cerberus: is that just one boost?
Mesanna: as far as the zoo
Cerberus: ok
Kyronix : As far as the overall costs, we have no plans to reduce the costs of the buffs at this time
Mesanna: we have it on our list with the other community collections to redo
Cerberus: Thanks for your time
Mesanna: thank you
Kyronix : Thanks for the question!

Ken Hensley: Finley Grant, are you guys all in the line or just listening?
Finley Grant: im in line
Ken Hensley: kk
bumaderangy: im out line

Mesanna: Hi Ronan
Ronan: Hi
Ronan: the discordance on pets does not seem consistent, stops for minutes at a time, any way to have them try more, and any update on pets with area attacking each other?
Mesanna: Bleak has this one
Ronan: k
Bleak: There are a lot of factors that go into AI targeting
Ronan: yeah, they just seem to stop also on single bosses
Bleak: We are currently happy with the target selection for Discordance
Ronan: even with only one hostile around?
Bleak: Could you provide more details on pets with area attacking each other
Ronan: yes, i will email
Bleak: ty
Ronan: tyvm for your time

Kleiner Matz: hello
Cupid: I’m here to deliver a message of love from Kleiner Matz
Cupid: Guten Abend liebe Leute, ich hab diese Frage heute:
Mesanna: hi
EM Lyraa: Ohpsa…
Cupid: could a castle older as 17 years be grandfathered?
Cupid: Ansonsten werd ich nur noch dieses fragen:
Mesanna: grandfathered?
Cupid: warum muss man sich in events ohne KEKSE plagen?
Cupid: Farewell
Kleiner Matz: why not – its stoneold
EM Lyraa: Himmel…
EM Lyraa: *grins*
Mesanna: you can not grandfather houses any longer unless I do it
Kleiner Matz: i tried – thanks

Mesanna: Hi Finley
Finley Grant: good afternoon boss
Finley Grant: and hello devs
Kyronix : Greetings!
Finley Grant: uhm i dont have really any question, i wanted to thank you for all the work
Finley Grant: in person
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: very kind of you
Kyronix : Many thanks!
Finley Grant: and i wanted to thank mesanna personally again for the saving of my house
Finley Grant: after this clops “thing”
Mesanna: *smiles*
EM Lyraa: *growls*
Finley Grant: but if i can ask a question i have a small one
Finley Grant: and a suggestion
Finley Grant: suggestion: i love making houses, we would love castle plots 😛
Finley Grant: sooooo much space
Mesanna: move on
Finley Grant: question
Mesanna: that one is being addressed =)
Finley Grant: hehe
Finley Grant: i know
Finley Grant: question
Finley Grant: you said you maybe could dye a mask set on atlantic for me, but i assume you didn find time
Mesanna: nope
Finley Grant: i still have it 😉
Mesanna: I am not sure I am ever going to dye another mask at this point
Mesanna: lol
Finley Grant: thats all folks, thank you soooo much for the work
Finley Grant: have a good day 🙂
Finley Grant: *waves*

Kyronix : Greetings!
NEBIROS: Would you be able to provide an update on the status of Chesapeake’s EM?
NEBIROS: They have been missing since the end of June…
NEBIROS: I’m a little worried with the 20th anniversary arc coming up
Mesanna: The EM on Chessy is having some medical issues
NEBIROS: Oh thats too bad 🙁
Mesanna: I will probably be letting him go to take care of himself and replace him soon
NEBIROS: Will any part of the 20th arc be EM driver, and will there be someone to temp on chessy if so?
Kyronix : The Shattered Obelisk is driven by official fiction that will be on, and what is part of
Kyronix : Publish 98
Kyronix : The EM events are add-ons, and not the primary drivers of the arc
Mesanna: but yes I have volunteers to help here
NEBIROS: Ok, thank you 🙂
NEBIROS: i wish EM Ulric well, wherever they are
NEBIROS: and thank you for your time
Mesanna: welcome
Kyronix : Keep an eye on the Town Criers as we near the start date!

Knob Goblin: The account management system. Announced 2 years ago it would be done in a year. Still nothing?
Mesanna: Hello
Mesanna: *looks into Ball for answer*
Mesanna: the answer is nope wait a little longer
Knob Goblin: classic
Mesanna: lol
Knob Goblin: worthless
EM Lyraa: That was fast…
EM Lyraa: *snickers*
Mesanna: guess he did not like my humor =(

Maximus Minimus: haha now you’re all in trouble!
Mesanna: Hello Maximus
EM Lyraa: Awww…
Maximus Minimus: hi
Maximus Minimus: my question is about
Maximus Minimus: auto pet log/out
Maximus Minimus: auto stable pet
Maximus Minimus: are you aware of 4 cheats that come from auto pet log out/stable?
Mesanna: the auto pet rescuse?
Drizzt do Urden: its not a cheat, its called a feature 😛
Maximus Minimus: yes when you log out, your pet is auto stabled
Maximus Minimus: instantly
Mesanna: right
Maximus Minimus: are you aware there are 4 cheats that abuse this?
Mesanna: thats not really a cheat
Ken Hensley: no one cheats in UO!
Maximus Minimus: okay well what if i say to you
Maximus Minimus: when you log out in a fight
Maximus Minimus: your char remains for 5 mins in game?
Maximus Minimus: or else people would log out when they are going to die no?
Kyronix : That is correct for player characters
Maximus Minimus: but you can do this with a pet and it’s okay? that is cheat number one
NEBIROS: wasnt the pet auto-stable put in to prevent people from losing pets during server crash/maintenance? id rather have pets safe that whatever cheat” he is claiming…
Maximus Minimus: so pets are invincible cos you just log out
Mesanna: yes it was
Maximus Minimus: cheat number 2
Kyronix : You can still target the owner can’t you?
Kyronix : Because they are still in the world
Maximus Minimus: yeah if they’re not stealthed!
Maximus Minimus: so cheat number 2
Kyronix : There are mechancis to reveal them
Maximus Minimus: so part of the game is to log out?
Kyronix : And that functionality has been there since inception, to prevent the loss of pets
Maximus Minimus: that is a good part of the game nce
Maximus Minimus: yes but if yo added a 5 min delay
Maximus Minimus: that would make it fairer
Maximus Minimus: same as with players
Maximus Minimus: the second cheat relating to auto stable
Maximus Minimus: there are some areas such as champ spawns
Maximus Minimus: that you cannot use a pet ball of summoning to summon a pet
Maximus Minimus: as summoning is not allowed in these areas
Kyronix : I was referring to a Fel based scenario
Maximus Minimus: but it’s okay to just take your pet from the stable
Maximus Minimus: goto the champ spawn
Maximus Minimus: and relog to summon your pet?
Maximus Minimus: in an area tha summoning is not allowed
Maximus Minimus: the third cheat with auto pet log out is
Maximus Minimus: if you are stealthed
Maximus Minimus: and use a crystal ball of summoning
Maximus Minimus: it will reveal the player
Maximus Minimus: but you can summon a pet when stealthed by logging in and out?
Maximus Minimus: they make part of the game to log out?
Bleak: The system is working as intended due to the fact it prevents pets from being lost.
Maximus Minimus: yes but my point is
Maximus Minimus: if you add a 5 min delay
Maximus Minimus: you will not be able to use the cheats
Maximus Minimus: also there is a 4th exploit with auto pet log out
Bleak: Ty for your question
Maximus Minimus: you don’t want to hear the 4th problem with it?
Maximus Minimus: the 4th issue is
Misk: please go ahead with the 4th issue
Maximus Minimus: when a pet is not bonded
Maximus Minimus: you need to gate it or manually take it to a stable
Maximus Minimus: so, part of the game is
Maximus Minimus: to go to a wild location and tame a pet
Maximus Minimus: and part of the game is to get it to a safe loco
Maximus Minimus: or pay money for a pet bonding potion
Maximus Minimus: but you can cheat again
Maximus Minimus: just tame the pet
Maximus Minimus says: and log out
Maximus Minimus: and it is stabled for you
Maximus Minimus: and when you log in
Maximus Minimus: if it’s not bonded
Maximus Minimus: it will remain in the stable for you
Maximus Minimus: so there are 4 problems which can be addressed
Maximus Minimus: by adding a 5 min timer
Maximus Minimus: and by adding the requirement to
Maximus Minimus: retrieve your pet from the stables
Misk: the 4th item, sounds like a bug
Maximus Minimus: upon log in
Maximus Minimus: i mean, does the stable master even charge you?
Maximus Minimus: if you log out to stable your pet?
Larisa: yeah that isn’t true, I tame a pet and log out it’s still with me when I log back in
Larisa: doesn’t stay in the stable
Maximus Minimus: this would put less stress on the login servers no?
Misk: all auto-stabled pets should return to the player when they log back in, regardless of bonded
Misk: status
Maximus Minimus: what game makes logging out a part of the game?
Maximus Minimus: well they do not
NEBIROS: yea you still have to run it out or gate it out, its stabled when you logout, but it comes back when you login
Maximus Minimus: if it’s not bonded
Larisa: Yes Misk that is how it works, he’s talking out of his rear I think :/
Maximus Minimus: stays in stable
Maximus Minimus: you don’t even know your own game mechanincs
Larisa: yeah it doesn’t STAY in the stable
Mesanna: Good day sir
Maximus Minimus: it does stay in stable if not bonded

Mesanna: Greetings Soul
Soul.Train: Good evening All
Kyronix : Hello!
Soul.Train: its a pleasure to meet u on DFF
Larisa: many time I loss con and have to hurry log back in so my pet doesn’t die :/
Soul.Train: 2 Questions
Mesanna: Nice to meet you also
Soul.Train: When will the Castle Building Tool reach TC
Mesanna: We don’t have a specific date right now
Soul.Train: 🙁
Mesanna: As soon as we do I promise everyone will know
Mesanna: its going to take some magic works on Bleaks part
Mesanna: to create this tool
Mesanna: so please be patient
Soul.Train: Mesanna one special Question to you
Mesanna: our hands are really full right now
Mesanna: ok
Soul.Train: why Grandfathered Castles
Mesanna: to give away?
Mesanna: for the 20th
Soul.Train: yes
Mesanna: Because I thought it would be appreciated
Mesanna: already giving out shirts
Mesanna: no other reason
Soul.Train: maybe im wrong
Soul.Train: but autorefreshed Presents
Soul.Train: would be real Presents
Mesanna: umm
Mesanna: what
Mesanna: no no
Mesanna: you miss the point though
Soul.Train: ?
Mesanna: it something I can do without taking up time of the engineers and devs
Mesanna: its something that might have played the game for years
Mesanna: and still does not have a castle
Mesanna: gives them a chance to have one
Soul.Train: i c
Mesanna: shoot I played 15 years before I finally got one
Mesanna: so understand this
Soul.Train: i only would like to have the West Luna Shop *sfg
Mesanna: not only will the castle I give away be grandfathered
Mesanna: their current house will be also
Mesanna: the go sign up for clops house on atlantic
Mesanna: he had 2
Soul.Train: anyway thx for ure time and go on with ure very good work
Mesanna: Welcome and thank you
Mesanna: I know I have more to do also
Soul.Train: *waves*
Mesanna: take care
Soul.Train: u to

Ken Hensley: Hail Lady, Lords
Mesanna: hi Ken
Kyronix : Hello!
Ken Hensley: and I will be fine with my castle being grandfathered when I win it
Ken Hensley: *grins*
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: well yes your current house will be
Ken Hensley: an old question no one has asked lately
Mesanna: I don’t care what it is IF you win
Ken Hensley: but that still plagues us
Ken Hensley: =)
Ken Hensley: me neither, free is free
Ken Hensley: but moving on
Ken Hensley: is there any way yet to get umm
Ken Hensley: they called it “cascading permissions” on locked down boxes
Ken Hensley: my library, for instance
Ken Hensley: if I set a box of books down
Ken Hensley: and make it public
Ken Hensley: i have to click each and every book in it to make those public as well
Ken Hensley: can the contents, take on the permissions of the container
Ken Hensley: automatically
Mesanna: one sec we are talking about it
Ken Hensley: I hate rearrangine, upgrading, anything
Ken Hensley: because it is such a clickfest afterwards
Mesanna: understand just trying to figure out the down side to this if there is one
Ken Hensley: im sure someone can
Ken Hensley: but it would be up to us the homeowner
Misk: fans of clicking would not like this
Ken Hensley: is that fanclub have many members?
Ken Hensley: *grin*
Mesanna: 2
Ken Hensley: lol
Mesanna: Misk and his horse
Ken Hensley: well, leave Misk’s where he can click then
Ken Hensley: I have an orc friend who will eat his horse tho…
Mesanna: We can look into changing this
Mesanna: Interesting idea but remember the lock down change *shivers*
Ken Hensley: that would be awesome if it could be done
Mesanna: give us time to look at it closer ok
Ken Hensley: yes’m
Ken Hensley: thank you all
Mesanna: thank you

Mesanna: greetings
Mene’Tekel: huch ich bin dran 🙂
Mene’Tekel: hello every body 🙂
Mene’Tekel: *waves* nice to meet you here on our nice shard
Kyronix : Greetings!
Mesanna: thank you
Mene’Tekel: nice red beard kyronix 🙂
Mene’Tekel: love it – really!
Kyronix : Why thank you!
Mene’Tekel: so why i’m here
Mesanna: looks like a pacifier in the paperdoll
EM Lyraa: *snorts*
Mene’Tekel: lol
Mene’Tekel: so why i’m here
Mesanna: baby boss…rofl
Mene’Tekel: a few days before this meeting
Mesanna: boss baby
Mene’Tekel: i stood on the roof of my castle
Mene’Tekel: between my almost complete collection of sands of sosaria
Mene’Tekel: almost means
Mene’Tekel: i will miss the next four years
Mene’Tekel: that will come out with the 20th anniversary gift token
Mene’Tekel: my dream is to have this collection complete but not wast to much token
Mene’Tekel: to complete it
Mesanna: I am sure some will be for sale
Mene’Tekel: could it be possible to you
Mesanna: so you might complete this
Mene’Tekel: let me suggest something 🙂
Mene’Tekel: could it be possible to have a small gump
Mene’Tekel: to choose the year you want to have?
Mene’Tekel: would make me and a lot of other collectors happy
Mene’Tekel: more happier – happiest :))
Kyronix : That would require work beyond the scope allotted for that particular feature, sorry to say
Mene’Tekel: *looking hopeful*
Mene’Tekel: but it would be better than waste a lot of tokens and money
Mene’Tekel: maybe you think about 🙂
Mene’Tekel: that’s all i have
Kyronix : Thanks for the question!
Mesanna: sorry we do not have the time to do that but this does support player trading
Mesanna: which is always good
Mesanna: sorry
Mene’Tekel: oki
Mene’Tekel: good day to you
Mesanna: have a good evening

Ghost: evening everyone
Ghost: 3 quick question
Mesanna: one
Mesanna: lol
Ghost: 1. can EMs track players IPs?
Mesanna: NO only we can
Mesanna: why
Ghost: good, cause i got ddosed at europa pvp event
Mesanna: EM’s have nothing to do with your accounts
Ghost: but that answers my question
Ghost: good they dont have the priviledge
Ghost: question n2
EM Lyraa: I have the privilege to entertain you!
EM Lyraa: *blurts out*
Ghost: the east bridge of despice by the altar
Ghost: is bugged on EC client
Ghost: players cannot place fields on it
Mesanna: send coords to me and we will look at it
Ghost: ok… ill email you
Ghost: q3.
Mesanna: but I thought we had fixed that actually at one time
Ghost: nope its not
Mesanna: ok next question
Ghost: and 2d users are having big lag spikes aswell
Ghost: ok q3
Ghost: serpents jawbone will teleport players straight to some locations in illshenar
Ghost: any chance to have something similar that works for fel dungeons in the future?
Larisa: yeah it’s called the corrupted portal
Kyronix : Into the depths you mean?
NEBIROS: like the corrupted crystal?
Kyronix : Or the entrance?
Ghost: in the actual dungeon
Larisa: inside I say no but that’s just me
Ghost: like terrra sanctum,
Ghost: for example
Drizzt do Urden: to jump in behind a harrower?
Kyronix : Those items only take you to the entrance
Larisa: lol
Ghost: ok
Ghost: entances maybe then
Kyronix : Mostly for safety reasons
Ghost: ok i got you
Ghost: last one
Kyronix : For Felucca dungeons you can use the corrupted crytsal portal
Mesanna: that was 3
Ghost: refinements are taking a lot of storage – can we maker them stackable or create boxes to hold them
Ghost: like seed boxes
Ghost: 1st question didnt count – the answer was too quick 😛
Mesanna: nice suggestion for a future item
Ghost: ok thanks a lot
Ghost: 🙂
Ghost: have a nice day, and thank u for the awsome updates and pubs
Mesanna: you also

Mesanna: hi Poody
Poody: The EM graphics Cause a lot of issues for people at events. Is there a way to tone them down?
Mesanna: excuse me
Poody: supernovas specifically.
Mesanna: you mean the scripts on the mobs?
Poody: crashes, lag etc.
Bleak: EC or CC?
Poody: both
Poody: big fire ring thing
Poody: its awful
Poody: 4 seconds of dead time or a crash
NEBIROS: EC is really bad with the supernova, almost guaranteed to crash or lockup for a bit
Mesanna: we can nerf them
Mesanna: if they are causing that many issues
Misk: bleak said he is on this issue
Poody: also public corpses in EC are exactly the same thing
EM Lyraa: Maybe the guardian ring thing…
Poody: 4 seconds of lag or a crash.
Poody: this is everytime. If there are a lot of people looking in the corpse the worse it is.
Mesanna: ok
Mesanna: I can only say we will look into it but we have not reproduced the corpse one yet
Poody: lol. log into an em event. in ec
Poody: loot a pub corpse.
Poody: how hard is that?
Poody: worthless.
Mesanna: You have a good day
Mesanna: *GRRRR*
Mesanna: last one

Mesanna: Greetings
Dodge and Weave: Why are you letting scripters and multiboxers win. Thye have taken over the game. It is sad.
Mesanna: Do you have a question
Dodge and Weave: yes
Mesanna: because I am not getting into this again
Dodge and Weave: why are you letting scripters and multiboxers win?
Mesanna: first off
Dodge and Weave: sorry you cant handle the truth.
Mesanna: If the multi boxer is there
Dodge and Weave: pathetic
Mesanna: someone is going to get banned
Mesanna: Thank you Drach
Mesanna: for having us
EM Lyraa: Thank you Devs!
Kyronix : Thanks everyone for the questions!
Mesanna: Hope to see some of you at the party
EM Lyraa: I <3 you all!
Bleak: Thanks everyone!
Larisa: Thanks for coming Team! <3 have a good one!
Mesanna: if not good luck to those that entered.
EM Lyraa: *bows*
NEBIROS: Thanks for your time!
EM Lyraa: So nice to have you all here!
EM Lyraa: Love you all!
EM Lyraa: Thanks a lot. For everything!
Mesanna: ok have a great evening
Mesanna: Most welcome

(This text was a bit redacted on August 15th, 2017 by EM Lyraa for a better reading pleasure)